Also known as – eyelid surgery


- The eyes are the mirror of the mind. Baggy eyes give one a physically and mentally harrowed, sleepy,and tired look or appear prematurely aged. This can be an important aesthetic consideration in people who are tired of fending questions about their health.This can be addressed by a simple yet very gratifying procedure called BLEPHAROPLASTY (surgery for baggy eyelids).

- It is indicated when there is unsightly appearance of bagginess, laxityand excess skinin the lower eyelids. It could also be done for excess skin and a droopy look of the upper eyelids.


What does the procedure achieve?

The procedure removes any excess loose skin on eyelids, removes or redistributes any excess fat (bulges) and tightens the overall eyelid structure.The procedure gives the area around the eyelids a youthful and rejuvenated look. The effects of the surgery usually last for a few years. Longer lasting effects can be seen in patients who have good skin quality (thin and elastic), younger age and less photodamage on their side. Severe physical and psychological stress, endocrine disorders, changes in visual acuity, chronic alcoholism, chronic smoking can reduce the longevity of the result.


Patients with bleeding disorders, on blood thinner medications, uncontrolled thyroid disease, dryness of eyes,glaucoma etc must approach this procedure with caution.


At a detailed preoperative consultation, your surgeon will:

- Discuss your surgical goals and expectations

- Evaluate your general health status and risk factors

- Elicit History of previous surgeries and medical conditions

- Elicit History of all current medications

- Ask about Allergies (including drug allergies), addictions if any

- Take Preoperative photographs and plan for your procedure

- Discuss all treatment options

- Explain the possible outcomes

- Potential risks and complications of the surgery


Usually general anaesthesia is preferred to avoid discomfort to the patient as the surgery is done close to the eye. However, it can also be done under local anaesthesia with sedation.  This is done as a day care procedure (i.e. the patient can get operated in the morning and return home by evening). So, the patient can return home in a few hours.

Time For Procedure

The procedure may take approximately 1 hour for upper blepharoplasty only and may range from 2 to 4 hours if only both lower eyelids or all 4 eyelids are to be operated.


It is a relatively straight-forward surgery with rare complications. However, problems that may occur include, hematoma formation (bleeding within the eyelid), delayed wound healing, scar visibility, excess skin removal causing difficulty of closure or excess show of the whites of the eyeball and dry eye. Most of these complications can be fully corrected when detected early by the surgeon. In some cases, bleeding may lead to increased pressure behind the eyeball, leading to blindness.

Overall blepharoplasty is an extremely gratifying surgery for the patient with quick results and gives the face a rejuvenated and young look. When done by a qualified plastic surgeon, it has predictable results with minimal complications.Please look for this certification before venturing into this delicate surgery which can have disastrous complications if done by untrained “cosmetologists” or non-plastic surgeons.