Brow Lift

Also known as - Forehead Lift


Browlift also known as forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure to elevate the brow. With aging there is a progressive brow descent which leads to a stern, angry, fatigued appearance. With correction of the sagging of the forehead and the eyebrows the brow-lift will restore a youthful appearance.

What does procedure achieve?

A brow lift corrects the sagging of the skin in the eyebrows and eyelids and improves the rhytids (wrinkles) in the forehead and can restore a youthful, alert and rested look to the face. Repositioning of brow in appropriate (youthful) relationship to eyes in the most natural way.

Brow-lift can be done either alone or along with other procedures of facial rejuvenation like face-lift and eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty)


If you are desirous of a brow-lift and want to achieve a natural, beautiful appearance you need to fix up a consultation with a qualified Cosmetic Surgeon who has knowledge and expertise and an eye for detail.

At the consultation discuss your medical history and expectations in detail with the consultant. An appropriate procedure for you with any adjunctive procedures needed will be discussed and decided on depending on the clinical examination (what is possible realistically) and your expectations.


For the Surgical brow-lift patient gets admitted on the day of the planned procedure. Appropriate anaesthesia usually General anaesthesia is administered. Once surgery is completed, patient comes out of anaesthesia and is shifted to the ward. Patient is usually discharged the next day. An antibiotic  may be prescribed as per  the surgeon’s choice.

If the procedure planned is non-surgical it is performed in an office setting.

Problems/ Complications in a brow lift

- Numbness of the forehead skin which may last much longer and may sometimes be troublesome.

- Asymmetry of the brow- may need a secondary procedure for correction.

- Bruising and swelling- gradually settles over a period of time