Breast lift is a surgical technique to correct sagging breasts and reposition them to appear youthful. Women can have sagging breasts after delivery of a child, after loss of significant weight, and at the time of menopause.

A patient who is motivated, at her ideal body weight, and who has finished child-bearing is likely to benefit from surgery.A patient who has severe obesity is unlikely to benefit. A patient who loses a lot of weight after surgery will see recurrence of the sagging.


Yes—a permanent scar is present after surgery , whose appearance depends on several factors, including your tendency to scar. The scar becomes flatter and lighter with time and your doctor will prescribe you treatments such as massage , pressure and silicone gel sheeting to help flatten the scar

The result would last around 8-10 years, provided you do not lose a lot of weight after surgery. This is because, weight loss means loss of fat in the breast due to which, the breast will sag.

No botox injection does not help beast sagging although it reduces the décolletage lines in between the upper part of the breasts.

A breast implant only enlarges the breast in moderate and severe sagging and does not correct the drooping

Only some, but not all stretch marks will be excised with the extra skin. So all stretch marks will not be removed with the procedure, although ancillary treatments for stretch marks can be done 1 year after the procedure such as radiofrequency or laser.

Breast feeding after surgery is very much possible.