Dimple Creation


Anyone seeking to enhance their facial appearance can opt for simple dimple creation after discussing with their Plastic Surgeon.
If you want a cute, attractive, innocent smile, the dimples can be created for you. Both men and women can request dimple either on one cheek or both. Men may request a chin dimple. 


Naturally dimples occur either on the cheeks or the chin. The cheek dimples may present on one or both sides of the cheek. The cheek dimples are dynamic in the sense they appear on smiling or animation, whereas the chin dimples are static and are present at rest.

As the end result of the procedure, you can expect smooth cheeks at rest. The cheek dimple/s will appear when you smile. These are called dynamic dimples. Chin dimples are static.


Very chubby cheeks is a relative contraindication. In chubby cheeks the dimples may not be clearly seen. You may opt for buccal fat pad removal to achieve slimmer face and simultaneously get a dimple done. If you have bleeding disorder, dimple creation may not be possible as it requires a small cut.


The doctor will examine you and make sure you have no oral or skin problem and no contra-indication for dimple creation. You can decide with the doctor whether you want dimple on both cheeks or only one—and then which side. One can discuss the site and marking of the dimple during the consultation.


Dimple creation is a simple day care procedure, performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation.


The surgically created cheek dimple is apparent at rest for the initial few weeks, but eventually it behaves like a natural dimple and appears only on smiling or animation. The chin dimple remains static throughout.


These are pretty rare. After the procedure, one may experience a bit of swelling and bruising, There can be bleeding or infection. The oral stitch may give way. Very rarely a nerve that is responsible for smile or the salivary duct nearby may be injured.

More common issues include asymmetry of bilateral dimples. Rarely dimples can fill up and disappear especially if you gain fat on the face.


As the surgery is done under local anaesthesia the one prick needs to be tolerated. Then there is discomfort due to mouth being kept open for 20-30 minutes. There may also be discomfort for a few days after the procedure.

You can eat within two hours of surgery. Start by drinking water. Take soft diet for 3—5 days at least. Make sure you rinse your mouth well with mouth wash and plain water after each feed. Avoid hot and spicy food.

You can resume work the very next day. There will be some swelling and bruising for 2-4 days. The rsolution period is variable. Some people may stay bruised for prolonged period. So physically attending chores is a personal choice.

Rest is usually not required. When you go out in the sun, do use sunscreen over bruised area.

You can walk from the following day.
Light exercise can be started within a week and gradually increased.